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Worker-communism Unity Party’s statement on joining Worker-communist Party-Hekmatist ,The beginning of a new era of unified struggle to raise the banner of Mansoor Hekmat’s Communism MORE

Let us unite against the mass murder of South African Miners! MORE

1st May 2012,No to Capitalism!For a Better World! MORE

oli workers of kazakhestan MORE

10 october 2011 International Day against Capital Punishment MORE&POSTER

The "Arab Spring" what do the people want?

Murder of Bin Laden,The war of terrorists and the US strategy MORE

On the killing of Osama bin Laden MORE

No to Capitalism!A Better World is Possible! MORE

Communique of Worker-communism Unity Party on:NATO and US military action in Libya MORE

Long Live 8 March, International Women's Day!A day against Gender Apartheid! MORE

Report 18-21 February 2011Germany,The first Congress of Worker-communism Unity Party MORE

Message of Worker-communism Initiative (France, Belgium)To the first congress of Worker-communism Unity Party, Iran MORE

8 March and the revolutionary struggle in Middle East

Worker-Communism Unity Party-15 February 2011 MORE

General Strike in Egypt,Omar Suleiman threatens with coup MORE

Worker-Communism Unity Party,30 January 2011,Hosni Mubarak must go!The Egyptian regime must go! MORE

On the Mass Uprising in Tunisia-Ali Javadi MORE

Campaign against Capital Punishment,Communique number 1 (27/08/2010) MORE

Mansoor Hekmat Foundation invites you to the:Mansoor Hekmat 2nd Congress MORE

8 March, International Women’s Day 2010


EVENT REPORT8 December 2009 MORE

7th December Students Day in Iran MORE

7th December is a day of saying:NO to Islamic Republic of Iran!Yes to Freedom, Equality and Socialism!MORE

Essay response: Which side are you on?Alastair Crooke’s glorification of the Islamist movement is based on distortions and falsification, says Azar Majedi MORE

Let’s turn 4th of November ,A Day against Islamic Republic MORE

Call for demonstration against "March 4 Sharia” and EDL,Let’s stand against Islamists and far-right racists! MORE

Show of force by people against Islamic regime of Iran!“Al Quds” celebrations turned into protests against the regime in Iran! MORE

Iran:A female revolution*A monumental challenge to Islam-Azar Majedi MORE

Build organs of empowerment!Long Live Council MORE

Two women jailed in Iran for changing their religion! MORE

Message to Women in Iran-Organisation for Women’s Liberation is your organisation! MORE

Stop the nonsense Please,It is about money!Azar Majedi MORE

Iran: Let’s close up regime’s presence abroad MORE

Declaration of Freedom, Equality and Prosperity - MORE

Message of Worker-communism Unity Party, To the Workers in Iran - MORE

A look at the Media’s presentation of the protest movement: Iran: Myths andRealities,What do the people want?Azar Majedi
Iran is at the top of international news. What led to the mass protests? How did the situation change so dramatically over a week? MORE

Latest news of protests in Iran
Thousands of people protested in different areas of Tehran on 20th June 2009. More

Distribution of Party leaflets in Tehran and Sanandaj!
On Saturday 20th June, leaflets produced by Worker-communism Unity Party (WUP) were distributed in several More

Unveil Women in Iran!It is high time to throw the veils out!
Women’s liberation movement in Iran has earned the respect and admiration of all. It has not let the Islamic regime to rest for even one second. More

Distribution of Party leaflets in Tehran!
On Monday 15th June, leaflets produced by Worker-communism Unity Party (WUP) were distributed in several More

Communiqué of Worker-communism Unity Party of Iran to people of Iran
Islamic Republic of Iran must go! This is the first condition of any serious development in Iran! More

Let us push back the Islamic Regime’s brutal assault ,This regime must go
On 13th June, following the official announcement of the presidential elections result in Iran, despite the threats and intimidations by the security forces, More

Pictures of recent protests against the Islamic regime of Iran

Worker-communism Unity Party Welcomes all to join the movement.
“Capitalism is a world system,the working class is a world class, workers’ conflict with the bourgeoisie is a daily struggle on a global scale, and socialism is an alternative that the working class presents to the whole of humanity.
The worker-socialist movement must also be organized on a global scale. The building of a worker-communist International,as the body uniting and leading the workers’ global struggle for socialism, is an urgent task of the various sections of the worker-communist movement and worker-communist parties around the world.”

( Mansoor Hekmar, For a Better World, Programme of Worker-communism )




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Communiqué’ of Worker-communism Unity Party

Worker Communism,War,Society and political power

The current crisis and terrorist war have their roots in the inconclusive results of the conflicts of the world after the cold War. The two sides of this reactionary confrontation both follow their own political goals and economic interests.


in this video, Azar Majedi,

The fall of Berlin wall- We still need to change the world





Mansoor Hekmat

On the crucial issues in the discussion about Councils and Trade Unions

Marxism and the word today

The world after September 11

Death penalty is the most despicable form of premeditated murder

Iran will be the scene of amassive anti-islamic -backlash by people

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