Worker-communism Unity Party’s statement on the occasion of 1 May
Long Live Worker’s Revolution!

Look at this world: It is a shame! In the 21st century, at the height of capitalism's globalization, the masses of workers and toiling people live in worst conditions of misery and hardship. The dream of a decent life for the great majority of humanity has turned into a nightmare of drudgery for bare survival. Most people in the world struggle daily to find a job, put food on the table, decent housing and healthcare. For many these basic necessities have turned into life’s luxuries.
More than 1 billion people are struggling with starvation. Nearly 30,000 people of whom 16,000 children die of curable disease every day. More than 6000 workers die daily as a result of work accidents. This is only part of capitalism’s balance-sheet. This is a system based on exploitation of workers, commoditization of labor power, private ownership of means of production, and distribution. Under capitalism, millions of people must sell their labour power in order to survive and they are only able to sell their labour power when this process creates profit for the capital.
The life and livelihood of millions, old and young, is thrown at the mercy of the cruel free market and the rules of capitalist competition. Social benefits and welfare are eroding daily. People are plunging into more poverty and hardship on a daily basis. Humanity is imprisoned by superstitions, religious ignorance, misogyny, tribalism and nationalism. Prostitution and drug addiction is rampant. And these miseries are intensified by any new cycle of capitalist crisis. From London, Paris, New York to Tehran, Peking and Moscow capitalism offers a dreadful future for humankind.
This hardship, misery and appalling conditions are created by capitalism. Under capitalism, those who produce the entire wealth and all resources, those on whose shoulders the world survives, lead the most deprived existence. In this system, the motivating aim of economic activity is not satisfaction of people's needs, but profitability of capital.
We must put an end to this condition. This inverted world must be put right side up. This is the task of-worker-communism. It is the aim of workers' communist revolution. The essence of communist revolution is abolition of private ownership of the means of production and their conversion into common ownership of the whole society. Communist revolution puts an end to the class division of society and abolishes the wage-labour system. Thus, market, commodity production, and money disappear. On the ruins of capitalist system and all its inherent contradictions and problems, a system must be built in which, everyone, by virtue of being a human being and being born into human society will be equally entitled to all of life's resources and the products of collective effort. From everyone according to their ability, to everyone according to their need - this is a basic principle of communist society. Communist society is a global society. National boundaries and divisions will disappear and give way to a universal human identity. Communist society is a society free of religion, superstitious beliefs, ideology and archaic traditions and moralities that strangle free thought.
1st of May is the day of solidarity and unity. It is the day of protest to capitalist system. 1st of May is the day of raising the banner of great humane aspirations. We must appear in organized ranks raising red flags. We must announce loud and clear that this system is not worthy of human beings. We must announce that a better world is possible. If the world was in our hand, with the existing technological, scientific and productive capabilities, we could organize a better world for everyone. We can free the world from poverty and destitute, from deprivation and misery. A worker revolution is the key to this better world. Let’s end these appalling conditions.

Down with capitalism
Long live Socialism
Worker-communism Unity Party
24 April 2010