Communiqué of Worker-communism Unity Party
On the Occasion of 1st May 2009


The system of wage slavery must be abolished!

Down with Capitalism!
Long Live Free communist Society!


Capitalism has placed humanity on the verge of destruction. In a world full of wealth, more than one billion people are in poverty. 30% of working population of the world was unemployed last year. The deep economic crisis is producing an ever greater number of unemployed. We are still to see the consequences and after shocks of the world economic crisis. The tsunami of poverty, destitution and hunger is threatening humanity. The people in charge of the world do not have a real solution to the crisis and promise an even darker future. At a time when workers in their millions are expelled and their lives destroyed, capitalists pay themselves hundreds of millions of Dollars bonuses and enjoy government bail outs using workers’ money. The present economic crisis has only two solutions; either capitalism survives by crushing the working class and imposing more poverty, or the working class ends the crisis by destroying the system of wage labour, exploitation and private property. There is no third solution!

Our class must present its political alternative against the present situation. Continuation of slave system can not be our demand. Limiting the capitalists, the bankers and complying with the policy of “national sacrifice” to work harder can not be the policy of the working class. Nationalism, fascism and division within the rank of working class are bourgeoisie’s weapon against our class. We have always declared: No to subsidising of the crisis at the expense of our pockets and lives! More wages to workers instead of bonuses to the capitalists! Increase of social benefits and welfare! Freedom and welfare to all! Workers raise the banner of internationalism, universal identity and unity of class interests against nationalist and anti-worker propaganda. Despite any progress, the capitalist system of wage labour and exploitation is still based on wage slavery. The system of slavery must be abolished and can be done by the movement of wage labourers. 1st of May is the day of the real owners of the world, it is the day of people whom the world could not survive without their labour. It is a day when Spartacus’s of this movement, i.e. communist and socialist leaders declare that to liberate the society there is no other way than workers’ revolution against capitalism! On 1st May our class must declare loud and clear that it will not accept this situation any longer!

Our class must organise itself and take steps for this war. Victory is impossible without a mass and party organisation, without social and political solution, and without class unity. This is the time when returning to traditions of direct and rank and file (council) is a necessity. Our movement has had traditions of radical struggles. The working class can not radically change the situation without appearing as the flag bearer of social liberation within a communist political party. Our class must rise against poverty, destitution and the totality of capitalism by carrying the banner of worker-communism. The struggle of our class in every country is part of the workers’ international socialist strategy against capitalism. We will not be victorious in this war if our class socialist movement does not turn into a political and social alternative. To gain victory we must enter the battle. On this day slogans must be chanted: “Down with Capitalism”, “Let’s build a Better World”. At the same time we must consolidate workers’ mass, radical and rank & file organisations and employ them as means of implementing freedom and welfare. Workers everywhere demand abolition of contract work, and demand wage hike on the basis of a humane standard of living, work or adequate unemployment benefit, unconditional right of organisation and strike, immediate improvement the lives of the working class and deprived people. Our every day struggles for preventing capitalists from shutting down places of work, workers’ control and gaining political power constitute one unified struggle.

This system is not worthy of today’s humanity. This system can not survive without crime, poverty, discrimination and inequality. Today more than any other time the world needs a communist and worker’s revolutionary solution. Organisations fit to accomplish this aim must be built. Worker-communist parties must be formed to put socialism and workers’ rule as a solution for the society.

Workers of the world unite! We must unite and challenge bourgeoisie’s power and chant: “Down with Capitalism!” “Let’s build a Better World!” “Yes to a free and equal World, a free Communist Society!”


Worker-communism Unity Party