Let us turn 10th October, into a day against the regime of 100,000 executions!

10th October is the International Day against Capital Punishment. On this day, Amnesty International, “International Coalition against Capital Punishment” and many NGOs will be submitting a resolution to the General Assembly of the United Nations to end capital punishment. This is an attempt to ban capital punishment.

Capital punishment is an organised state crime. It is state murder. It is a tool used by the ruling class to control and suppress the society and crush any protest. No government has the right, under any pretence, to deny the right to live of human beings. One aspect of our struggle to build a free, equal, just and humane society is to abolish execution and capital punishment.

10th October is the international day against capital punishment. The Islamic regime of Iran is the symbol of capital punishment. It is the regime of 100,000 executions. The struggle against capital punishment can not be carried out without organising a protest movement against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Worker-communism Unity Party announces 10th October as the regime that is the symbol of executions. We urge all to join us on this day and show a united strong front against the Islamic regime of Iran. As you are reading this text, hundreds of people are rotting in Islamic Republic’s jails awaiting execution. Any retreat imposed on the Iranian regime to stop executions is a mile stone in the international movement against capital punishment. Worker-communism led by Mansoor Hekmat has always been in the forefront of executions in Iran. Let us highlight this movement on 10th October and change the world for the better.

Down with Islamic Republic of executions!
Long Live Freedom, Equality, Workers’ State!
Long Live Socialist Republic!

Worker-communism Unity Party - Iran
22 August 2007