25 April 2011
Communique number 3
Join us on Wednesday, 27 April in front of the Dutch Parliament in Hague!
Protest against the Dutch government’s treatment of Asylum seekers!

Day: Wednesday 27 April 2011
Time: 13.00-15.30
Place: Dutch Parliament building in the Hague

Speakers at the rally:
Magid Postanchi (member of the Bureau), 
Maryam Kousha (Organisation for Women’s Liberation) 
Nasrin Ramezanali (member of the Politburo of Worker-communism Unity Party). 
Assaollah Kanani and Shahoo Mansoori, two asylum seekers will speak via telephone from Rotterdam prison

Organizations supporting the campaign:
European Feminist Initiative
Organization for Women’s Liberation
Wanted by People
Anti-deportation Organization/England

We are happy to announce that his campaign is gaining more support. That is why our enemies like the Islamic Republic of Iran has recently made a point of it on their website (jamnews) as “the cry of the anti-revolutionaries from the lack of attention of the West”! Islamic regime of Iran that is itself the cause of refugees fleeing Iran is trying to gloat in a disgusting manner. They too know that our Bureau is a serious radical organization disclosing the violation of human rights in Iran. Our campaign is about revealing the dictatorship and suppressive nature of the Islamic Republic of Iran, while protesting the anti-refugee policies of the European governments. WE are the organization defending human rights and refugees’ rights. 

Long Live International Solidarity with the Asylum Seekers for a better World!