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Let us push back the Islamic Regime’s brutal assault
This regime must go

On 13th June, following the official announcement of the presidential elections result in Iran, despite the threats and intimidations by the security forces, thousands of people protested against the Islamic Republic in many cities of Iran. “Down with dictator” was one of the main slogans chanted by the demonstrators.

The Saturday protests were the culmination of weeks of upheavals in Iran. The presidential election campaign in the past few weeks had created an opportunity for the people to show their discontent and protest against the Islamic regime. In days leading to the election, thousands of people took to the streets and chanted, “Down with dictator, be it the Shah or the Doctor!” (Referring to the present government), “Mousavi without the veil!”, “Free all political prisoners!”, “Ahmadinejad, bye bye!”

These waves of protest under the disguise of pro-Mousavi campaign, which intensified in momentum by day, alarmed the Islamic regime. The Pasdaran army (the main security force of the regime, which is mainly loyal to the right wing) issued a communiqué stating that it would crush any moves to create a “velvet revolution” against the regime. Furthermore, it maintained that the extremists among the Mousavi campaign are seeking to topple the regime by a so-called “velvet revolution.” The day before the election, it issued a ruling banning any gatherings on the streets after the closing of the voting stations and it threatened to clamp down severely on any disobedience.

One thing is certain, the regime noticed that people are using the election campaign to undermine and question the entirety of the Islamic Republic. It realised that people will not stop at eroding Ahmadi nezhad and would go all the way against the regime. Therefore, the Right wing decided to put an immediate stop to what it saw as a dangerous unfolding of the political developments. In order to prevent any more unrest, it decided to put an end to the circus of election and therefore, a second round of election was eliminated. “Giving” Ahmadi nezhad 63% of the votes was a ploy to silence any further developments of the pre-election mood. Moreover, it recruited armed guards and secret police in every street corner and brought more than 20000 armed mob employed by Ahmadi nezhad to the capital.

The main aim of the regime is to crush people’s protest even if it sacrifices some of its own clique on the way. The other candidates namely Mousavi, Karobi and Rezaee first announced that they are seeking advise, but later both Mousavi and Karoubi complained of rigging of votes and that they would not accept the results. However, they do not have much choice. They cannot stand against the regime because their own existence as a so-called viable political force is dependant on the existence of the Islamic Regime. They are in a pickle! If they do not resist, nobody will take them seriously, if they resist people will use the opportunity to surpass them. Their use value is only as the so-called reformist faction of the Islamic regime. Without the Islamic Republic, they will become redundant. They all expire. However, since the regime is holy to them the most probable way out for them is to conform. Their elimination is part of the plan of the right wing.


The factional friction within the Islamic regime of Iran on the one hand, and the protest of people against the regime on the other hand has entered a new phase. The “respectable compromise” and the golden balance are now impossible. The more the “no to Ahmadinejad” camp in the top shows any sign of subordination the more it loses face and diminishes; the more it resists, the more it speeds its own expulsion from the system. On the other hand, the regime has shown its vicious and suppressive capabilities all too often. This regime has to go. It is people’s verdict.

People’s protest movement has made the situation harder for both factions. People showed their resolute and hatred of the totality of the regime during the so-called “elections”. People’s protest has sent the shivers down the regime’s spine. We must intensify these protests and stand against this regime of suppression and tyranny. The Islamic regime is caught in a difficult situation. We can and must get rid of it.

Down with Islamic Republic of Iran!
Down with Capitalism!
Freedom, Equality, Workers’ Rule!

Worker-communism Unity Party
13 June 2009