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Mansoor Hekmat Foundation invites you to the:

Mansoor Hekmat 2nd Congress

On 4th July, it will be 8 years since Mansoor Hekmat died. In his commemoration, “Mansoor Hekmat Foundation” will be holding a meeting on Sunday 4th July 2010 in London, England. Mansoor Hekmat was/is one of the great Marxists and political-ideological leaders of Worker-communism. On this day we shall first gather at Highgate Cemetery where his grave is situated opposite that of Carl Marx. Then the meeting/congress will be held in a venue nearby. The theme of the congress is “Mansoor Hekmat’s intellectual-political position in the international and Iranian worker-communist movement”.

The role of Mansoor Hekmat has been a defining one in the communist movement in Iran. He, as the intellectual, political and Party leader has had a very important position in the communist movement in Iran and internationally. Some political-organizational events after his death have struck important blows to the worker communist movement. However, his determining role, his politics and views have, especially during the last few months, during the recent mass uprisings been clearly evident. His absence is bitterly felt by his friends and the communist movement.

On this, in his memory, we will endeavor to review the essence of his views and politics. We will consider his role in the worker-communist movement and try to overcome the recent blows to this movement. We shall hence consolidate and strengthen the worker-communist movement based on his views and principles.

We invite all to take part in this meeting so that we can together make this a magnificent event. The details of the meeting and  list of speakers will soon be published.



Assembly on Sunday 4th July 2010
at 12.30
Highgate Cemetery
Swains Lane
London N6 6PJ

Meeting starts at 3pm

Contact details:
Sirvan Ghader: + 44 (0)7765431276



Bookstall and refreshments available.