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Worker-Communism Unity Party
9 February 2011

General Strike in Egypt
Omar Suleiman threatens with coup


Today 9 February, workers in Egypt went on a national strike for better wages, an end to disparity in the pay, and in support of the mass protests to force Mubarak to step down. They joined the protest movement in 29 cities in Egypt. According to some reports 20,000 workers have so far joined the strike.

At the same time, Omar Suleiman, the Egyptian vice president has warned that the situation cannot go on as it is and that the protests must end soon. In a press conference, he said there will be “no ending of the regime and no immediate departure for Mubarak”. He also warned that the alternative to dialogue “is that a coup happens, which would mean uncalculated and hasty steps, including lots of irrationalities”. When asked by reporters to explain the comment, he said he did not mean military coup but that “a force that is unprepared for rule could overturn state institutions”.

It is all clear and we did stipulate before that Suleiman’s appointment to the position of vice presidency is an effort to secure the government and initiate coup against the uprising of workers and the people of Egypt. With the emergence of workers in the present million strong protest movement and their determined “NO” to Mubarak and his government, confrontations will escalate. Workers will give a new lease of life to the protest movement to overthrow the Mubarak government. Today, one can see the real nature of the military. Suleiman, Mubarak and the regime are presenting themselves as a united front. To move forward, people and the workers must overthrow the government, have no illusions about uniting with the army, arm themselves, build their councils as their direct organs of mass control and provide their own class alternative to the bourgeoise coup.

Worker-communism Unity Party salutes the striking workers. The active presence of the working class is an important condition of the victory of the revolutionary movement in Egypt. Workers of the world must rise in support of the protests and the general strike in Egypt. Workers‘ strike and their victory in Egypt can change the political scene of the world. Long live mass protests against poverty and dictatorship! Mubarak and his regime must go! Long live workers international solidarity! Long live workers revolution against capitalism!


Down with Islamic Republic of Iran!
Long Live Freedom, Workers’ state!

Long Live Socialist Republic!