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Worker-communism Unity Party’s statement on joining Worker-communist Party-Hekmatist
The beginning of a new era of unified struggle to raise the banner of Mansoor Hekmat’s Communism

We hereby announce a new era in the struggle of WUPI’s activities. From this point of time WUPI is joining WPI-Hekmatist.


The effort to unify the ranks of Worker-communist movement and to meet this movement’s needs and necessities as our starting point in our political endeavor, have always been our main objective. However, our decision to join the Hekmatist Party was the result of a period of political convergence, cooperation and dialogue between the leadership of the two parties since Hekmatist party’s fifth congress. This closeness was followed with excitement and apprehension outside of the two parties. It was also the desire and demand of the Worker-communist movement’s activists that this closeness should go further.  

These two parties belong to the Worker-communist movement and tradition. During their life times they have worked to raise the banner of Mansour Hekmat’s communism. One vital condition for the victory of communism in Iran is to raise this banner ever more forcefully in the framework of an interventionist and influential political party at the forefront of revolutionary,  workers’ and peoples’ struggles to overthrow the Islamic regime in order to achieve freedom. To meet this urgent need, to strengthen Worker-communist movement and workers’ alternative against bourgeois alternatives, WUPI has decided that its members and cadres work in the framework of the Worker-communist Party-Hekmatist.

This unity is of utmost importance, particularly at a time when creating a strong political party that strives for political power and the establishment of a socialist alternative is so urgent and vital.

Our new Worker-communist struggle among the ranks of Hekmatist Party, will soon be officially announced in a public political meeting.

Despite our common programme and emphasis on the same political and theoretical framework, we, the two parties, have had our political disagreements in the past.  Nevertheless, our current political and critical stand is much more closer than before. However, it is self-evident that the responsibility for the past party decisions and resolutions lie with the leadership of each party.  We will jointly continue our unified struggle to meet the urgent needs of the class struggle in Iran, by stressing our basic common politics and in the political and theoretical framework of Mansoor Hekmat’s communism. Our party’s important political decision is the beginning of a new era in Worker-communist movement and in the politics of Iranian society. It is an effort to repair the damage incurred on the concept of party-formation in Worker-communist movement. It is also an attempt to bring hope to the Iranian society in desperate need of communism.

We join the Worker-communist Party- Hekmatist and together will try to raise the banner of Mansoor Hekmat’s Worker-communism even higher. We join WPI- Hekmatist and are confident that this party will become the main force (main stream) of communism and the left section of the Iranian society. We join WPI- Hekmatist in order to strengthen the hope for communist and workers’ victory and hope for the realisation of a better world.

We call upon all Worker-communists, communist and socialist workers, activists of freedom and equality camp to join forces with us to work with us in a strong and unified rank to overthrow the Islamic regime and raise the banner of worker revolution and immediate establishment of socialism in Iran. We call upon all sympathizers of Mansoor Hekmat’s communism and our old comrades to join this party. Worker-communist Party- Hekmatist is your party.


Worker-communism Unity Party
27 November 2012