To all people of the world!

Support the struggle of people of Iran to overthrow the Islamic regime of Iran!

Support the struggle for freedom, equality and prosperity!

The threat of war of the two terrorist poles of USA and Islamic Republic of Iran is hanging over the civilized humanity. This is a reactionary and inhumane war. The victims are ordinary people of Iran, the region and the world. Once again they intend to demolish the country to the ground. Once again the world is going to witness the escalation of Islamic terrorist suicide bombing operations. The horrendous consequences of this war will be far greater than that of Afghanistan and Iraq.

We must not accept the war excuses of US such as “war of terrorism” and “stopping weapons of mass destruction”. Both sides of the war have a long bleak history of genocide. The war on both side, is about political power, political and economic influence in the region and the world. The US wants to compensate for its defeat in Iraq. The Islamic Republic of Iran pursues the war in order to consolidate its reactionary position in Iran and the region. Both sides see the war as the window of opportunity to secure their political positions. 

We must stop this war from happening. It only brings savagery and murder. It imposes fear, terror and bullying on people’s lives. It promotes a backward culture, political, traditional prejudice and religious ignorance. This terrorist war must be prevented.

However the policy to just stop the war is not sufficient by the people who do not want the world to remain under the domination of US military murder machinery and that of the Islamic regime. One important and determining factor in people’s protest movement must be the defense of the people’s struggle in Iran to overthrow


the Islamic regime and establishment of freedom, equality and prosperity. Iran is not Afghanistan. Iran is not Iraq. Today in Iran, there is a mass struggle against the Islamic regime. Workers, women, the youth and students are all protesting. People in Iran want to overthrow the regime. They have risen against the regime. The defense of people’s struggle in Iran to overthrow the regime is one of the main factors in civilized humanity’s progress to end terrorism. The overthrow of the Islamic regime will change the face of the Middle East. People of the world will be rid of one pole of terrorism. This victory is possible and achievable. Besides, people who overthrow the Islamic regime are a massive force in the struggle for freedom, equality and prosperity in the world.

We see ourselves by your side in the movement against US militarism and threats which have intimidated people’s lives in America and Europe. We are by the side of workers’ struggle against capital and for a more secure and humane life. We fight by your side for freedom, equality, humanity and civilization.

We are the voice of freedom, equality, civilization and prosperity for all in Iran. We declare that the Islamic Republic is not the elected representative of people in Iran. It is a regime of suppression, murder, dictatorship, sexual apartheid, poverty and devastation. The regime is responsible for murder of more than hundred thousand people. It is the regime of hangings and stoning. Islamic Republic should be expelled from every international body. Its embassies and political centers which are hideaways for terrorist operations and spying against the opposition in US and Europe must be closed!

We demand the abolition of economic sanctions. At the same time we struggle for the overthrow of the Islamic regime and demand a stop on any infliction of hardships on peoples’ lives. Economic sanctions are weapons of mass destruction. The victims of such policy are people. It must be abolished!

We believe in universal nuclear disarmament. We struggle for the destruction of all weapons of mass destruction. We declare that the aim of US government is not prevention of atomic weapons; it is about the monopoly of access to weapons of mass destruction. USA is the only country that has actually used nuclear weapon on people. All nuclear weapons must be decommissioned. The Islamic Republic


must not be equipped with nuclear weapons. The overthrow of the regime is the only guarantee for preventing the regime to gain access to this lethal weapon.

We are struggling to eliminate the risk of the war. We are struggling to defeat the military policy of the US in the world. We ask you not to allow any anti war force to compromise their stand towards the Islamic regime or its defenders. Let us not allow any place for different shades of Islamic forces in peoples’ struggle against the war. No alliance with any part of the war mongers should be allowed. These forces are themselves the initiators of war, destruction and terror. The leaders of these terrorist and militarist forces must be tried at international court of law for crimes against humanity. We demand the trial of Islamic regime’s leaders for crimes against people of Iran.

We urge you to be an active force against all the forces that by bombarding and killing people in Iran, are trying to impose another reactionary state on people or provide the grounds for creation of situation similar to Iraq, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. We consider USA’s “regime change” policy as reactionary and against people.

People’s struggle for the overthrow of the Islamic regime is one of the main and determining factors in ending the threat of war in the region and an end to the life of the Islamic regime.

People in Iran hate economic sanctions, war and the Islamic Republic. People see the war as a tool to prolong the life of this inhumane regime. People in Iran need your support in their struggle.

We urge all people to defend the struggle of people in Iran for the overthrow of the Islamic regime and establishment of freedom, equality and welfare!

Worker-communism Unity Party

27th November 2007