We Strongly Condemn the massacre of people in Gaza

The Israeli government has created yet another human catastrophe. The air strikes on Gaza Strip by the Israeli government have so far killed 195 and injured 300 people. Parts of Gaza are burning after the bombings. The Israeli military spokesperson, General Avi Benayahu has shamelessly announced that: “Attacks on Gaza Strip have just begun and the army will act according to the current circumstances”. The Israeli government is planning to launch a ground assault in the region. It looks as thought more killings and massacres are on the way!

The Israeli government has said it is responding to Hamas-led rocket attacks on the Southern part of the country. Hamas has said it fired rockets following the end of cease fire period between the two forces and in response to the continuing economic sanctions imposed on Gaza Strip. Up till now one Israeli citizen of the Ashkelon area has been killed as the result of rocket attacks.

These are part of the historic war of Israeli government against Palestinian people and also the tension between two terrorist forces. The policy of Israeli government is mass punishment and murder of Palestinian people. It kills any living being under the name of combating terrorism of Hamas. More than one and half million people of Gaza Strip are currently living under economic sanction. People’s water, electricity, fuel, food and medicine have been taken hostage. The Gaza Strip has been turned into a huge prison. On the other hand, Hamas is an Islamic terrorist current. It does not have anything to do with the historical suffering of the Palestinian people. Blind and anti humane terrorism is its strategy to consolidate itself and expand the position of political Islam in the region. The victims of this war are ordinary people.

Worker-communism Unity Party strongly condemns the brutal attacks of Gaza by the Israeli government. The answer to terror and massacre is not yet more terror and killings. Military attacks on Gaza Strip and rocket assaults on Southern parts of Israel must be stopped now. To resolve the question of Palestine, firstly pressure should be put on the Israeli government and its international allies to recognise Palestine as an independent and equal country. Economic sanction against Gaza Strip must be lifted unconditionally immediately. Economic sanction is weapon of mass destruction. To radically put an end to the roots of terrorism and preventing the Islamists to take advantage of this long history of pain, the question of Palestine must be resolved to put an end to the historic deprivation imposed on people of Palestine. This terrorist rivalry must end. The Palestinian question does not have a terrorist and military answer. A sustainable peace is only possible by coming to forth of communist, humanist, and peace loving currents while pushing the right wing, religious and nationalist currents to the fringe.

Worker-communism Unity Party