Initiative Féministe Européenne pour une autre Europe
European Feminist Initiative for another Europa
Iniciativa Feminista Europea para otra Europa
Feministyczyna Inicjatywa Europejska dla innej Europy
Europaische Feministische Initiative fur eine andere Europa
Europska Feministicka Inicijativa za drukciju Europu 
Iniziativa Feminista Europea per un’ altra  Europa
Europeiskt Feministiskt Initiativ for ett annat Europa
Iniciativa Féminista Européa para uma outra Europa
Europai Feminista Kezdeményezés


29 /12, 2008




”The bloodiest day in Gaza in 40 years, since the six days war.” Almost 300 dead and 700 injured already and it is only a beginning according to the Israeli leaders. Today civilians in Gaza are left in the middle of a massive destruction, without food, without electricity, without medicines, without connection to the world, in a disastrous and inhuman situation. More than one and half million Palestinians are being collectively punished and have been deprived of the basic livelihood for more than a year.

European Feminist Initiative joins all civil, human rights and feminist movements in an urgent action across the globe, in response to and against this horrendous crime. 

Militarism and violence breed violence. Feminists know this too well. European Feminist Initiative demands an immediate stop of the Israeli bombing of Gaza and of all military actions from both Israeli and Hamas’ sides and urges the parties to resume the peace negotiations. An immediate end of the economic blockade of Gaza is needed. Now!

But we also urge European Union and USA to take immediate actions to put an end to the armaments and militarization of their own societies and the societies across the world. European Union and USA have a major responsibility to start a disarmament process globally, including the dissolution of NATO, so that to facilitate a full stop of armaments in the Middle East and the opening the space for participatory researching of truly peaceful political solutions, where civil society, human rights, civil and peace activists together with progressive politicians and thinkers have a say.

The UN resolutions related to the dismantling of the settlements and the withdrawal from the Palestinian occupied territories must be urgently implemented. Both Israeli and Palestinian governments should immediately open space for dialogue. Dialogue that means a self-critical approach and recognition of “the other”.  Dialogue that is based on UNSCR1325 and provides space for women and feminists from the civil society to come to the negotiating table. From all sides. Now!  


Lilian Halls-French
President of
European Feminist Initiative