The Fathi brothers 
executed in Iran

The Islamic regime must go!


Worker-communism Unity Party - Committee Abroad
Contact: Maryam Kousha

May 18, 2011

Two brothers, Abdollah (29 years old) and Mahammad (27 years old) Fathi were executed in Dastgard prison in Isfahan early morning on 17 May 2011. They were charged with “involvement with anti-revolutionary groups” and “enmity against God”. They were arrested on March 2010 and transferred to Isfahan prison. They were severely tortured and were denied the right to have a solicitor and the right to defend themselves. 

The execution of the Fathi brothers has caused much anger in Isfahan. On the day of the execution, a crowd including their mother gathered outside the prison. In an interview with “Worker-communism Unity Party Radio”, Mrs Fathi said: “There are loads of people inside and outside the prison. They just told me that my sons’ bodies are being transferred to the forensic medical centre for me to collect. I told them I will not leave this place. They have to bring them back here. The person who tortured my sons came out, smiling! The real criminal who ordered the execution has not been seen. I am not moving from here!”  

The Islamic regime of Iran has executed hundreds of thousands of political prisoners. Capital punishment is widely used. Every day several prisoners, even minors convicted of numerous crimes are executed. Men and women are stoned to death for having relationships outside marriage. Islamic regime is a criminal state and should be overthrown. Its officials must be tried in international courts of law for violation of human rights. There is no doubt about it. It is more than 3 decades that the Islamic regime has maintained its rule by arresting, torturing and executing any voice of criticism and resistance to its rule. The Fathi brothers, like many political prisoners yet to be  executed in the dungeons of the regime have not committed any crimes. Their only “crime” has been to oppose this reactionary regime. It won’t be long before, the revolutionary people of Iran will rise, just like the protesting people of the Middle East and North Africa, to demand an end to dictatorship, corruption and destitution. They will go further, demanding freedom, equality and a Socialist Republic.

To protest against the execution of the Fathi brothers, to protest against capital punishment, and in support of the struggle of the people in Iran against the Islamic regime, there are going to be street meetings in Amsterdam, London and Toronto on Saturday 21 May and Sunday 22 May. We urge all to join us. Together we can put pressure on the Islamic regime. 

Join us:
Toronto, Canada
Mel Lastman Square, North York
Saturday 21 May 2011 at 5 O'clock

Amsterdam, Holland
Dam Amsterdam
Saturday 21 May 2011 from 1 to 3pm

London, England
Trafalgar Square
Sunday 22 May 2011 from 3 to 5pm