Worker-communism Unity Party - Iran
2 May 2011

On the killing of Osama bin Laden

On Sunday 1st may 2011, Barack Obama, the President of United State announced: “The United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama bin Laden, the leader of al Qaeda.The United States launched a targeted operation against that compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.” A wave of war mongering of the Bush era followed. Once again, the mass media, governments, experts and commentators all took their positions and announced that Bin Laden’s death was “justice” in action!

There is no doubt that the world without the likes of Bin Laden, Taliban and Khamenei and all political Islamic forces is a safer place. Bin Laden was one of the masterminds of September 11 tragedy and many more such terrorist crimes. The death of Bin Laden, as a hated figure and a key element in a wing of political Islamic movement, is seen as a victory for the pole of state terrorism. The fact that Bush, most world leaders, Obama and European leaders have all found themselves on the same side only shows the fundamental interests of state terrorism and militarism irrespective of which political party rules in these countries.

In the short term, Ben Laden’s death will escalate the terrorist’s reaction. However his death does not mean an end to the war of the terrorists and will not change much regarding the war efforts and terrorist conflicts in the world. The real victims of the new war of terrorists are the defenseless people of the world whose interests are not represented by either poles of terrorism (Political Islamic terrorism and state terrorism).

The United States administration will capitalize on Bin Laden’s death to gain more political in roads and try to hide the deeper political and economic problems facing it.

Clearly, beyond the US nationalist and propaganda surge, the real aim will be the ever more presence of military might of the US ruling clique in the world and its recognition as the super power. Besides, the killing of one terrorist by another does not mean “justice” has prevailed. In fact, it demonstrates a new defining point in the conflict between the two poles of terrorism.  It actually shows how ridiculous “justice” is within the framework of bourgeois ideology and how alien it is to the interests of the people. From the point of view of the victims of terrorism, Justice without banishing international terrorism, the Islamic version or otherwise, is just empty words and superficial propaganda.

The Worker-communism Unity Party, differentiates between the interests of the people and that of the military governments and Political Islamic terrorist movements. In our view, the terrorist and military governments and Political Islamic movement are not legitimate. These two poles of international terrorism use people’s grievances as an ideological tool in their own wars. The political Islamic forces were grown, armed and imposed on the people of the region, including Iran by the West. Ben Laden was the symbol of Political Islamic movement. The way to combat state terrorism is to defeat the military perspective of the US government. The way to combat Islamic terrorism is to resolve the Palestinian question, uphold the revolutionary overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran, withdrawal of any support of Islamic governments by the West, and the strengthening of secular movements in these countries.  Without the support of the West, Islamic terrorism will be defeated by secularism and socialism in the region.


Down with Islamic Republic of Iran!
Freedom, Equality, Workers’ State!
Long Live Socialism!