An Urgent Call for Quashing the Brutal Sentences against 11 Worker Activists in Iran!

Islamic Republic has sentenced 11 workers to prison and flogging!

Fars Gavily, Eqbal Latifi, Sediq Sobhani, Khaled Savari, Teyeb Mollaei, Teyeb Chatei, Yaddollah Moradi, Sediq Amjadi, Mohioldin Rajabi, Habibollah Kale-kani and Abbas Andriani, 11 worker activists who were arrested on May 1st in Sanandage have been sentenced to 91 days of imprisonment and 10 lashes for taking part in a may 1st demonstration.

This sentence is yet another action by the Islamic Regime to suppress labour movement and intimidate the people of Iran to prevent them from pushing for more rights and freedom. This oppressive and brutal action against worker activists must be categorically condemned by all international labour organisations, human rights and civil rights organisations. We call on all labour and human rights organisations to protest to Islamic Republic of Iran and call for quashing these sentences. A strong international solidarity movement with workers and people of Iran is needed in order to push back the new waves of brutal attack on people of Iran.

Ali Javadi
Secretary of the Central Committee
The Worker-communism Unity Party
6 August, 2007
001-310 402 6567