18 April 2011
Communique number 1
United against the anti-refugee
policies of the Dutch government!

27th April, a day in protest against the Dutch government!

To all refugees and people of Holland!
We are all witnessing the onslaught of the capitalist governments against the living conditions of people all over the world and in our case Europe. It manifests itself in lowering of welfare, rise in unemployment, cuts in social security  and increase in the pension age, just to name a few. Amidst this onslaught, asylum seekers are put under a lot of pressure to the extend that their already hard situation is worsened to the brink of death and further misery. 
In Holland, during the recent months, the case of many asylum seekers have been closed for no apparent reason, many have been expelled from the refugee camps with nowhere to go, and a large number have been transferred to detention centers. 
This anti-humane policy is in effect government’s attack against the refugees who are already stripped off respect, integrity and human values. Many are in such dire situations that have led them to resort actions such as hunger strike, lip sewing or even suicide. On 6th April this year, Kambiz Roustayi, the 36 year old Iranian asylum seeker who, in broad day light, set himself on fire while screaming about his children, was a tragic result of such policy. 
Bureau for Defense of Refugees (of the Worker-communism Unity Party), condemns the asylum regulations of the Dutch government which lead to such extreme and tragic fate of the asylum seekers. We shall continue our protest against this policy, in defense of refugees’ rights. 
We have thus organized a day of protest on Wednesday 27th April 2011 and urge all human rights organizations and people of Holland to join us. 
Further details of our protest schedule for this day will shortly be issued. 
Long Live Universal Human Rights!