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Worker-communism Unity Party - Iran


17 August 2012

Let us unite against the mass murder of South African Miners!

Thirty-four striking Miners were mass murdered by South African police on Thursday. Seventy-eight more were injured. The Miners of the Lonmin-owned (British company) platinum mine in Marikana were on strike demanding better wages. They had gathered to show their protest against the company when the police opened fire on them. One of the most brutal and open aggressive criminal acts of the capitalist state against the workers was carried out in Marikana. 

The message is clear! The capitalist aggressors are dictating that workers should be obedient, silent and carry on selling their labour cheaply with no objection. This mass execution of workers demonstrates the true and uncensored nature of capitalism and its governing apparatus, namely the mine owners, the government and the police. 

Workers of South Africa will not be silenced. Workers of the world should not be silent. This massacre must be condemned and turned into our case against capitalism. Workers and socialists must gather outside the embassies of South Africa protesting against massacre of the workers. The South African government must be tried as the murderer of the workers. Meetings must be organised in memory of the murdered Miners. Any measure to boycott the South African government must be implemented by the workers every where. 

Worker-communism Unity Party, together with militant and communist workers and the mass of the working class in Iran, and workers all over the world strongly condemns the massacre of the Miners by the South African capitalist apparatus. Workers’ response to the system which mass murders workers for demanding wage hikes, is the overthrow of the capitalist system and its governments. The only path for saving humanity is the communist revolution of the working class against capitalist system.

Down with Capitalism!
Freedom, Equality, Workers’ State!
Long Live Socialist Republic!