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Press releases

Worker-communism Unity Party’s statement on joining Worker-communist Party-Hekmatist ,The beginning of a new era of unified struggle to raise the banner of Mansoor Hekmat’s Communism

Let us unite against the mass murder of South African Miners!

1st May 2012,No to Capitalism!For a Better World!

oli workers of kazakhestan

10 october 2011 International Day against Capital Punishment

On the killing of Osama bin Laden

No to Capitalism!A Better World is Possible!

Communique of Worker-communism Unity Party on:NATO and US military action in Libya

Long Live 8 March, International Women's Day!A day against Gender Apartheid!

Report 18-21 February 2011Germany,The first Congress of Worker-communism Unity Party

Message of Worker-communism Initiative (France, Belgium)To the first congress of Worker-communism Unity Party, Iran

Worker-Communism Unity Party-15 February 2011

General Strike in Egypt,Omar Suleiman threatens with coup

Worker-Communism Unity Party,30 January 2011,Hosni Mubarak must go!The Egyptian regime must go!

Campaign against Capital Punishment,Communique number 1 (27/08/2010)

Mansoor Hekmat Foundation invites you to the:Mansoor Hekmat 2nd Congress

EVENT REPORT8 December 2009

7th December Students Day in Iran

7th December is a day of saying:NO to Islamic Republic of Iran!Yes to Freedom, Equality and Socialism!

Let’s turn 4th of November ,A Day against Islamic Republic

Call for demonstration against "March 4 Sharia” and EDL,Let’s stand against Islamists and far-right racists!

Show of force by people against Islamic regime of Iran!“Al Quds” celebrations turned into protests against the regime in Iran!

Build organs of empowerment!Long Live Council

Two women jailed in Iran for changing their religion!

Message to Women in Iran-Organisation for Women’s Liberation is your organisation!

Iran: Let’s close up regime’s presence abroad

Declaration of Freedom, Equality and Prosperity

Message of Worker-communism Unity Party, To the Workers in Iran

Latest news of protests in Iran

Distribution of Party leaflets in Tehran and Sanandaj!

Unveil Women in Iran!It is high time to throw the veils out!

Distribution of Party leaflets in Tehran!

Communiqué of Worker-communism Unity Party of Iran to people of Iran

Let us push back the Islamic Regime’s brutal assault ,This regime must go